The language of New Gilead and the surrounding area of Arcadia, Arcadian is often considered to be the language that has most in common with the Old Speech.

Spoken by Chakchimura throughout the Waste, whether or not they are nomadic or members of more settled communities. Also spoken by Mestee, particularly intermediaries, trackers or those raised in Chakchimura communities.

Chakchimura Sign:
Though developed by Chakchimura braves for use while hunting, has also been used to great effect in the guerrilla campaigns they wage against the rail and mining combines. Chakchimura may choose to learn Chakchimura Sign at character creation, but do not begin play knowing it. Other players can learn it from willing Chakchimura (including player characters), but be aware that the efficacy of Sign is contingent upon its secrecy; players may find Chakchimura unwilling to teach them without just cause.

The lingua franca of the Waste, Kreyol is spoken almost everywhere, with various levels of fluency. A stabilised hybrid of Arcadian and Hispanyola, with the odd smattering of Chakchimura, it is the language of trade.

Whereas Kreyol is the language of trade, Deseret is the language of business; being the economic powerhouse in the Waste, most of the large economic organisations entreat in Deseret, even if they are not based in the Republic. Beyond familiarity with the rail and mining combines, few in the Waste would have opportunity to learn Deseret, for except for the semi-mythical Doorknockers, few members of the Republic ever travel beyond their borders.

Spoken primarily in Mejis County and Doz Cabezas, Hispanyola has the reputation – unfairly or not – of being the language of Nephilim, miners and bandits. Apologists will say that this is an unfair given the rich history of the language, but it’s near enough to truth to be treated as such.

Old Speech:
The Old Speech was the spoken form of the Old Letters. It is unknown whether there is anyone left who knows how to read the Old Letters, let along speak the Old Speech. However, such a person would certainly be considered a person of interest by more than one organisation in the Waste. Players may not learn this at character creation.


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